Pacific International Cup

Our Legacy - 2000 - 2018

The Pacific International Cup has been enormously successful inside and outside British Columbia benefiting curling clubs, curlers, volunteers, spectators. It has provided a direct economic benefit to the several communities hosting B.C. Club Challenge competitions as well as the main host community of Richmond, site of the event each year.

The Pacific International Cup has successfully promoted grass roots curling throughout British Columbia and Internationally. The event attracts teams from Australia, Brazil, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Singapore, and 16 states from the USA as well as the Yukon.

Clubs and Curlers

The Pacific International Cup has provided a meaningful reason for clubs to hold club championship or similar qualifying events thus promoting the sport and improving the quality of curling at the club level. With the prospect of advancing to the Annual Pacific International Cup in Richmond, inter club competitions now occur in six or more locations each year throughout B.C. This is also replicated outside British Columbia in other jurisdictions such as Alaska, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Other nations such as China, Korea, and Japan have sent their National Champions to play in the Pacific International Cup to gain skill and experience.

Of 92 curling clubs in British Columbia, teams from 75-80 of them are now participating in the qualifying rounds to gain entry to the Pacific International Cup, and from 2000 to 2018 fifty-three of those clubs have qualified and participated in the event. Every administrative region in B.C. and twenty two different nations or states have sent teams to the Pacific International Cup.

Volunteer Training

Volunteerism is a key to the success of the Pacific International Cup. The core committee has expanded from 12 men and women to over 80, including the B.C. Club Challenge and international qualifying events. Their enthusiasm and good work have had a positive influence on their club mates, other clubs and the provincial, state and national associations. In the result the PIC is an excellent training ground for future volunteers, which will continue to benefit not just Richmond but the larger curling community, and the sport of curling generally. Skill and strategy clinics are conducted during the Pacific International Cup for attending teams by qualified instructors. Junior Curlers are involved in the event wherever possible, in ceremonies and as event assistants. A wide impressive enhancement to volunteerism and sport fellowship for the larger curling community.

Economic & Equipment Legacy

Each year the Pacific International Cup has accorded the Richmond Curling Centre with equipment, special artwork, flags and signage. This both improves the event and benefits the centre. Wireless microphones were provided to the club. As a result of the international flavor, the Richmond Curling Centre has increased its ice dimensions so as to be the only Curling facility in B.C. in compliance with International specifications. In 2007 Richmond installed on-ice cameras with the ability to broadcast games on the internet, and to cable distributors or conventional television.

In summary, the annual Pacific International Cup has benefited not only the participants and the larger curling community, but has inspired and provided improved facilities and equipment. The Richmond Curling Centre has become a preferred destination for teams improving their skill and is now been designated by CurlBC as the High Performance Training Centre for British Columbia. National teams from Italy, Australia, Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei and China have traveled to Richmond to train and compete at the Richmond Curling Centre.

James A.W. Schuman
Chair, Pacific International Cup







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