Competition Protocol

The Pacific International Cup recognizes both international and British Columbia club curling teams consisting of four players and exists to promote club curling and the grassroots of our sport. Each year, both a menís and womenís Pacific International Cup champion are declared through a competitive but friendly round robin and playoff process.

The format for both menís and womenís divisions is two pools of eight international and BC teams of each gender playing a round robin format, thus guaranteeing each team a minimum of seven games. Two qualifiers will advance out of each pool to the medal rounds. Tie-breakers in the pools, if required, will be through a full eight end game. If an odd number of teams are in a tie-breaker and head-to-head records do not decide which team gets a bye in the tie-breaking round, the results of a "draw to the button" will be used. Teams are requested to stay on the ice after their first draw for "draw to the button" scoring.

In the championship round, the first place team in each pool will play against the second place team from the other pool to advance to the Championship finals. The two teams not advancing to the finals will play each other to decide third and fourth place finishes.

There will be no practice ice before each draw or at any time after the competition commences. Practice ice is available early on Wednesday and pre-event.

Coaches, if present, are not allowed on the ice during a game. There are no "time-outs".

All games will be eight ends with ties broken through full extra ends. Curling Canada rules will apply. We are not using time clocks - please keep each end to less than 7.5 minutes for each team - i.e., complete eight ends in two hours. The Director of On-Ice Operations may penalize teams for excessively slow play by removing rocks.

Attendance at the opening ceremonies and banquet by all teams is mandatory.

All spares must be approved by the Operations Director (Wayne Braun).

On Saturday, ballots will be handed out to each player to vote on the menís and womenís player that best demonstrates sportsmanship and the spirit of the Pacific International Cup with men voting for the menís sportsmanship award and women voting for the womenís sportsmanship award. The man and woman winning the Pacific International Cup Team Sportsmanship Award will be announced and the awards presented at the Saturday Night Social.

Welcome to the Pacific International Cup. It is a pleasure to host you at the Richmond Curling Centre where you can rekindle old friendships and make many new ones. Good luck, good curling and great sportsmanship!







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